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Jewellery Appraisals

Our Jewellery Appraisal Services
Being in the jewellery business for over 40 years, Ferit Tecimer and his team of jewellers are distinctly qualified to help you appraise your jewellery fairly and accurately. The Humbertown Jewellers GIA and FGA graduate gemologists are on staff at all times to assist you with your appraisal needs.
A jewellery appraisal will help you determine the worth of your jewellery, and can also ensure you're receiving a fair insurance replacement value. This can be useful for insurance purposes, if you wish to sell your jewellery, are creating an estate plan, or are developing a tax plan.
Why Is a Jewellery Appraisal Important?
Although you might think you know the true value of your jewellery, this may not be the case. Jewellery fluctuates in value. Prices of metals and gemstones are constantly changing so your piece may not be worth what you originally bought it for, or how much you last appraised it for. If you inherited your jewellery, the value of it could seem like a black box. A jewellery appraisal should be done every two to three years in order to stay up to date on the true value of your jewellery.
There are three types of jewellery appraisals and they each have their own purpose:
  1. Replacement Value Appraisal: this is the most common type of appraisal, and is done for insurance purposes.
  2. Fair Market Value: this value estimates what you would receive if you were to sell your jewellery in the future.
  3. Liquidation Appraisal: If you need to liquidate your jewellery immediately, this is the type of appraisal you will require.
After your jewellery appraisal, you will receive a statement of value with a certificate that designates the appraisals official purpose.
Periodic jewellery appraisals are often an afterthought, but if you want to be prepared, it's important stay on top of your appraisals. If you have a valuable piece of jewellery that you've received or that you wish to give away or sell, you need to know its value.
Book Your Jewellery Appraisal
If you live in the Etobicoke or Greater Toronto Area and are looking for a jewellery appraisal, visit Humbertown Jewellers and we will provide you with the clarity you're seeking. Our exceptional service and professionalism will ensure the process is effortless and your questions are answered.
Please contact us to book an appointment.