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Humbertown Jewellers watch experts are committed to offering you first-class, after-sales service. We recommend you bring in your watch every three to four years depending on how often you wear it and the environment it is exposed to.

Inspection and Evaluation

A member of our team with meet with you to discuss the details of your watch, noting anything you would like to bring to our attention about your watch’s performance. We will then carefully examine your timepiece to assess the appropriate services required to ensure your watch runs accurately.

Repair and Revitalization

This includes dismantling the movement, cleaning all components, assembly, and lubrication, refinishing of the case and bracelet, assembling the case, and casing of the movement. A final precision and waterproof test will then be completed.

Polishing and Replacement

Should your timepiece require crown, crystal or battery replacement, we will restore these components to the original standards with exacting care and precision. We will also remove any imperfections and polish your watch so it looks almost new.

Wristband adjustment and replacement

Our experts will adjust your bracelet or strap immediately upon the purchase of your timepiece for an impeccable fit. Should such adjustments need to be updated throughout the life of your timepiece, our team will be happy to take a few minutes and make sure your watch is always exactly as you wish.

Additional Services

We will also reccomend the following additional services personalized to your watch's individual requirements:

  • Engraving
  • Demagnetization
  • Hand Restoration and Replacement
  • Dial Refinishing

Servicing Your Rolex Watch

Humbertown Jewellers is also proud to offer your first-class, after-sales service for your Rolex watch. To read more about this, please visit our Rolex Servicing page to discover more.

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To book a watch service, please contact us.