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Sapphires for September

September 23rd, 2022

earrings of sapphire

This September, celebrate those special birthdays with stunning blue sapphire jewellery, available at Humbertown Jewellers. Whether you choose sapphire drop earrings, a sapphire ring or an oval sapphire bracelet, our team at Humbertown Jewellers invites you to explore our carefully curated collection of sapphire jewellery. Known as the September birthstone, deep blue sapphires are associated with luck, royalty, and for offering protection. Both technical innovations and rare natural occurrences produce sapphires of any colour, with pink or white being popular alternatives, however the most beloved shade is the ultramarine or cobalt blue sapphire.

sapphire necklace

Diamond and Sapphire Pendant

A regal, statement making necklace is a versatile and memorable birthday gift. A halo of brilliant diamonds framing our sapphire pendant emphasize the deep cobalt colour of this stunning stone. With its luxurious depth of colour and gleaming diamonds, this piece completes all your black-tie outfits, guaranteeing a stunning entrance for a red carpet event, gala, or evening at the opera.

sapphire earrings

Sapphire Drop Earrings

A pair of elegant sapphire drop earrings deliver a dramatic accent to any outfit, framing the face with a light-catching, flattering sparkle. Long admired for its rich blue colour, each sapphire is its own unique stone, with its own unique colour variations. Loved for centuries, sapphires are a striking and precious stone, making a sapphire necklace, bracelet, pendant or ring an unforgettable birthday gift.

sapphire bracelet

Oval Sapphire Bracelet

With its oval cut sapphires flanked by sparkling diamonds, an oval sapphire bracelet is a stunning and luxurious birthday gift. This statement making piece can be worn alone or as part of a set, accompanied by sapphire drop earrings and an exquisite diamond and sapphire pendant.

sapphire ring

Multi-row Sapphire and Diamond Fashion Ring

Especially suited to celebrate those special milestone birthdays, a multi-row sapphire and diamond fashion ring dazzles with its remarkable depth of colour. Framed by rows of diamonds and featuring vibrant rows of sapphires, this statement makes unforgettable impact.

sapphire fashion ring

Discover Sapphire Jewellery at Humbertown Jewellers

We invite you to our Humbertown Jewellers showroom to explore our carefully curated selection of fine sapphire jewellery. Our knowledgeable team of dedicated brand ambassadors guide you through our incredible collection, ensuring a relaxing and luxurious experience as you browse our fine jewellery and luxury timepieces. Whether you are looking for a special birthday or anniversary gift, or even just a gift for yourself, our brand ambassadors offer a personalized, exclusive shopping experience. Request an appointment with one of our team members to schedule an appointment at our Toronto boutique. We look forward to working with you. 

sapphire earring