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August 1st, 2022

aquamarine stone

There are many gemstones found on earth, but few are as unmistakable as aquamarine. Its traditionally blue colour makes it strongly associated with the ocean. In fact, its name roughly translates from Latin as "water from the sea". Historically, it has many fascinating qualities associated with it. Ancient Romans believed aquamarine could protect sailors, while others say it symbolizes youth and invigoration. This is likely due to its refreshing aquatic hue. An aquamarine is a form of the beryl mineral, as are emerald and morganite. While its name gives it a nautical mystique, this gemstone is mined throughout the world. Maxixe is a variant of aquamarine that possesses a deep, darkish blue not unlike that of sapphires. This variant can also have lime green and purple hues for uniquely vibrant colours. The aquamarine gemstone is an enchanting jewel. Used in all kinds of jewellery, aquamarine evokes a stylish sophistication in any setting. It looks fantastic in necklaces, fashion rings, earrings, and more. Traditionally, aquamarine is worn during the spring and summer months. It pairs particularly well with grey-toned metals like sterling silver, platinum, and white gold. This jewel is the birthstone of March and the zodiac gem of Pisces.

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