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Luxury Watch Services

Occasionally, your watch will require technical care, and Humbertown Jewellers is committed to offering you first-class after-sales service. We recommend bringing your watch in for servicing every three to four years, but this timeline may vary depending on how often you wear your watch and the environment it is exposed to.

When you bring your watch in for a service with Humbertown Jewellers, you can be sure that your watch will receive the highest quality professional service and dedicated care it deserves.


The Routine Service Process

A dedicated specialist will meet with you to discuss anything you would like to bring to our attention during the watch service process. Our watchmaker will begin by carefully examining your watch to assess which services need to be done.

After diagnosing the services that need to be completed, our watchmaker will perform the services required to ensure that your watch continues to perform its functions beautifully and reliably. 

Our routine service includes dismantling the movement, cleaning the components, assembly and lubrication of the movement, refinishing of the case and bracelet, assembling the case, and casing of the movement. Once that is complete, a precision test and a waterproofness test will then be done.


Additional Watch Services

In addition to routine servicing, we also offer additional watch services. The following services will be personalized to your watch's individual requirements: battery replacement, demagnetization, polishing and precision cleaning, general movement service, crystal replacement, crown replacement, pusher installation, bracelet adjustment, hand restoration and replacement, and dial refinishing.



Humbertown Jewellers is also proud to offer you first-class, after-sales service for your Rolex watch. To read more about this, please visit our Rolex Servicing page to discover more.

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To book a watch service, please contact us.