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July 15th, 2022

woman with necklace

Whether you and your partner are celebrating your 1st anniversary or 30th anniversary, a milestone gift is a great way to symbolize the joys you shared together and the hard times you both unwaveringly supported each other. Our Humbertown Jewellers client advisors can assist you in finding that personal gift that will be cherished.

emerald ring


Regardless of the number, create that special moment with a meaningful piece of Jewellery. Birthstone Jewellery offers a wonderful opportunity to personalize this special occasion. Many gemstones are believed to enhance attributes of the wearer, such as youth, courage, and health.

graduation timepiece


Persistence and dedication to your education should be well celebrated when the day comes for one to graduate. Buying someone, you care about a graduation gift shows them that you recognize the hard work and time they spent to better themselves.

Timepieces perfectly symbolize this time investment. Engraving the case back with a message that the graduate will carry with them always makes it even more special.

pearl bracelet


Our paths in life are unique to each of us, and seeing someone succeed is a beautiful thing to behold. A fresh start at a new company, a promotion, or even buying a house can be monumental moments that change the course of someone’s life for the better.

A gift is meant to excite and make the person who opens the present understand how much they mean to you. Shop for their personality as well as the occasion at hand. If you buy them a piece of fine jewellery or watch for a special moment of success in their life, make sure that it will also mesh well with their style.

emerald earrings


Getting married bonds two whole families together while creating a new one in the process. They will have a wedding registry for items they want as a married couple, but buying them each a present of jewellery or a timepiece can also be a unique touch for each individual. It celebrates them separately even as they come together.

Delivering a new child into the world is a life-changing event. Some like to surprise the new mother with a present also known as a “push present” just for them after going through childbirth. These can be sentimental, funny, or romantic pieces celebrating their strength and beauty.

couple holding hands


Staying married and in love for long periods should be celebrated. Milestone anniversaries of when you got together or the wedding ceremony will always be sweet, romantic days that should be spent with your significant other.

Pick out a dazzling diamond necklace or an additional ring for their bridal stack. There are many options to choose from to surprise and woo them even after decades together.

gold necklace


Explore our wonderful selection of jewellery and timepieces in our Humbertown Jewellers showroom. With almost 40 years of experience, we cherish the space we have created to serve the lovely and influential neighbourhoods of West End, The Kingsway, and Etobicoke.

Our talented team of professionals will be able to guide you through our jewellery and timepieces until you find the right gift for the milestone your loved one is about to reach. Visit our Toronto jewellery store for an incredible atmosphere to shop for your next favourite piece.