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February 5th, 2024

guide to different gemstonesguide to different gemstonesguide to different gemstones

Gemstones, with their vibrant hues and dazzling beauty, have captivated humanity for centuries. One of the key factors that contribute to their allure is the cut. The cut of a gemstone not only enhances its visual appeal but also influences its brilliance and overall value. Here, we'll delve into the fascinating world of gemstone cuts, exploring various styles and shedding light on the most popular choices in the realm of precious stones.

gemstone cut essentialsgemstone cut essentialsgemstone cut essentials

Gemstone cut essentials                      

Before exploring specific cuts, it's essential to understand the basic components of a gemstone cut. The cut encompasses several aspects, including:

  • Facets: These are the flat, polished surfaces of a gemstone that interact with light, creating the brilliant sparkle we associate with precious stones
  • Table: The largest facet on the top of the gemstone
  • Crown: The upper part of the gemstone above the girdle
  • Girdle: The narrow rim around the widest part of the gemstone, separating the crown from the pavilion
  • Pavilion: The lower part of the gemstone below the girdle
  • Cutlet: The small facet at the bottom of the gemstone, just above the point

popular gemstone cuts           

Round Cut: The round cut is the most classic and timeless of all gemstone cuts. Its symmetrical shape with 57 or 58 facets allows for optimal light reflection, resulting in unparalleled brilliance. The round cut is a popular choice for diamonds, but it is also widely used for other gemstones, providing a versatile and elegant appearance. Princess Cut: The princess cut is a square or rectangular cut with pointed corners. Known for its modern and chic aesthetic, this cut is a favorite for engagement rings. The princess cut maximizes the gemstone's sparkle while maintaining a contemporary edge. Emerald Cut: Characterized by its rectangular shape with cut corners, the emerald cut emphasizes clarity over brilliance. This elegant cut is often chosen for emeralds, diamonds, and other gemstones, creating a sophisticated and vintage look. Oval Cut: The oval cut combines the brilliance of the round cut with a unique, elongated shape. It is a popular choice for those seeking a more unconventional and flattering appearance. Oval-cut gemstones are often used in rings and pendants. Marquise Cut: The marquise cut features a football-shaped silhouette with pointed ends. This elongated cut not only accentuates the gemstone's size but also creates a captivating, eye-catching effect. It is a favored choice for those who appreciate a bold and distinctive look.

popular gemstone cutspopular gemstone cutspopular gemstone cuts
unique gem cutsunique gem cutsunique gem cuts

unique gem cuts for personal style        

Beyond the classic cuts, the world of gemstones unfolds with a captivating array of unconventional shapes that add an extra layer of individuality to jewellery. The cushion cut, with its square or rectangular shape and rounded corners, combines the timeless elegance of a square cut with a softer, more romantic feel. Ideal for those seeking a balance between tradition and uniqueness, the cushion cut is a popular choice for colored gemstones. On the other hand, the heart-shaped cut, a symbol of love and romance, is a distinctive choice that captivates sentimentality. With its unique silhouette and pointed bottom, the heart cut is a favorite for engagement rings, expressing a profound emotional connection. The asscher cut, reminiscent of the art deco era, features a square shape with trimmed corners, emphasizing clarity and geometric precision. This cut is perfect for those who appreciate vintage aesthetics and desire a timeless, sophisticated look. The radiant cut, a fusion of the round and emerald cuts, boasts trimmed corners and a brilliant facet arrangement, resulting in a dazzling display of sparkle. This versatile cut is often chosen for those who crave a modern yet glamorous appearance. These unusual gemstone shapes open up a world of creative possibilities, allowing individuals to express their unique style through jewelry that is as extraordinary as they are.


When considering which cut to buy, consider several factors that may influence your decision. Personal style can play a significant role when choosing a gemstone cut. Some may be drawn to the timeless elegance of a round cut, while others may opt for the modern allure of a princess or the vintage charm of an emerald cut. Different gemstones may showcase their best qualities with specific cuts. For instance, the brilliant facets of a round cut enhance the sparkle of diamonds, while the emerald cut complements the rich color of emeralds. The chosen cut should harmonize with the overall design of the jewellery piece. Intricate settings, such as vintage-inspired designs, may pair well with cuts like emerald or marquise, while simpler settings often highlight the beauty of a round or princess cut.

style of engagement ringsstyle of engagement ringsstyle of engagement rings

In the realm of gemstones, the cut is an art form that transforms raw stones into exquisite jewels. From the classic brilliance of round cuts to the modern allure of princess cuts, each style has its unique charm. Understanding the anatomy of gemstone cuts and considering personal preferences and jewelry designs are crucial steps in selecting the perfect gemstone. Whether you're captivated by the timeless beauty of a round-cut diamond or the vintage appeal of an emerald cut, the world of gemstones offers a myriad of options to suit every taste and style. Embrace the brilliance and choose a gemstone cut that resonates with your individuality.

At Humbertown Jewellers, our certified gemologists will guide you through the entire process of selecting stones and cuts that highlight the best qualities of each. They will take all the time necessary to ensure you are comfortable in your selections and find or design the perfect piece of jewellery for your exacting taste.