For Him

Our distinguished inventory selection and quality service are what makes us stand out from all others. We can accommodate various price ranges, styles and personal tastes of each of our customers. Our jewellery collection is custom made and crafted by the most talented jewellers.

For Her

Our diverse selection of fine jewellery will ensure you a special piece to complement your personal taste. We wish to make you sparkle.

Engagement Rings

It takes only a moment to create a lifetime. We will create an exquisite piece to make sure this milestone is unforgettable. We have started many lifetime relationships with our loyalty customers from the initial design of their engagement ring, followed by many monumental pieces to commemorate their life events. The memory will be passed on from generation to generation.

Wedding Bands

The circle of a wedding band represents an eternity of happiness. We will help you select a classic band that symbolizes your special union. Our specialists will guide you through the process of acquiring a piece that reflects this unforgettable moment.

The 4Cs

Just like you, every diamond is unique. So when you’re selecting a diamond, we’ll help you determine theJust like you, each diamond is unique. We are here to help you determine its quality and worth. The universal standard of 4Cs is used to evaluate diamonds and serves as a guidance in choosing the perfect stone.


The colour of a diamond is graded based on its absence of colour. The highly valued diamonds are ‘structurally’ perfect and chemically pure. However, a diamond of vivid colour can be very rare and highly valuable, which is why every diamond is unique.


A natural diamond may consist of characteristics internally and externally. Its clarity is determined by the number, relief, size, nature and position of these identification marks, which affect its overall appearance. The purer a diamond is, the higher it is in value.


Diamonds are renowned for their glorious sparkle, their light and radiance are reflected and transmitted through their multiple facets. The cut indicates the facets of diamonds, rather than their actual shapes. We have expertise in industry know-how to create a stone whose proportion, polish and symmetry interact with light to unleash its twinkle.

Carat weight

Did you know that the carat system is based on a carob seed? Prior to having a system in place to weigh a diamond, gem traders used these small and uniform seeds as counterweights on their balance scales. The carat is the same gram weight wherever you go in the world. Today we still use this system to determine a diamond's weight.

Our Diamonds and Gems

The choice of diamonds or gem stones reflects personal taste and preference. Whatever you’re looking for, Ferit will take you through the journey of choosing a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. His established network with global dealers enriches him with abundant resources. His 50 years experience in the industry has distinguished him as one of the most revered jewellers in Toronto.